Our Process
Personalized development based on the learner’s interest, commitments and talents
Our Focus
Experiential learning that requires youth to take initiative, make decisions and be accountable for results
Our Practices
Encourage youth to be brilliant at the basics of personal leadership and workplace competencies
Our Vision
Causing Young People to Discover their Talents and Passions to Create a High Impact Life
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The Career Coaching Circle for Teens offers an authentic career exploration experience for High School and College Students. In eight 90 minute interactive sessions students will discover their natural talents, create a plan to develop their skills, and take initiative to gain real world experience through summer internships.

As a result of completing the course, participants will

  • Enhance their ability to be self-directed learners
  • Learn to take action and evaluate their effectiveness
  • Increase their communication skills
  • Develop key workplace competencies 

Week 1 Focus


Through formal assessments and introspective activities students will discover their passions and identify their authentic skills.  Additionally students will solicit feedback from parents, teachers, and mentors to understand how they are viewed by others. 

Week 2 Focus

Create the Plan

In this session, youth will learn the fundamentals of goal setting and project planning.  As a result participants will create an action plan for the rest of the course.

Week 3 Focus


Now that students have identified an area of interest they will begin to conduct independent research on the educational and career opportunities in their area.  With assistance from the coaching team, youth can arrange informational interviews and opportunities to shadow professionals in their area of interest. 

Week 4 Focus

Report Out 

This week youth will share with the group what they discovered about themselves and their area of interest.  Additionally, each youth will finalize their Summer Learning and Experience Plan. 

Week 5 Focus

Work Ready

During the Work Ready session, participants will create a resume and conduct mock interviews to prepare for the summer recruiting season.

Week 6 Focus


Youth will describe the actions they have taken and the progress made in the course.  With the assistance of coaches, parents and mentors, participants will set new goals to achieve their desired results.

Week 7 & 8 Focus

On the Job

These two sessions will take place while students are in their summer internship.  Session 7 will focus on setting performance objectives and managing money.  Session 8 will allow students to share what they learned in the internship and design a plan to further their experience during the school year.  


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